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Azure Essentials Fresco Play MCQs Answers

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Azure Essentials Fresco Play MCQs Answers

Disclaimer: The main motive to provide this solution is to help and support those who are unable to do these courses due to facing some issue and having a little bit lack of knowledge. All of the material and information contained on this website is for knowledge and education purposes only.

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Azure Essentials Fresco Play MCQs Answers

Quiz on Introduction to Azure

1.Which of the following statements are correct?

  1. With Azure’s architecture, an application can run locally, run in the cloud, or some combination of both.
  2. All the options
  3. Windows Azure acts as a cloud operating system.
  4. Windows Azure Platform permits a developer to change his application so it can function in the cloud on virtual machines hosted in Microsoft data centers.

Answer: 2)All the options

2.In which operating system, we can use Azure CLI?

  1. Linux
  2. OS X
  3. Windows OS
  4. All the options mentioned

Answer: 4)All the options mentioned

3.Which cloud offering targets the consumption of services?

  1. PaaS
  2. IaaS
  3. None of the options
  4. SaaS

Answer: 4)SaaS

4.If you have to replace your current on-premise services in the form of virtual machines, then you can use Microsoft Azure Cloud categorized as ____________.

  1. VAAS
  2. IAAS
  3. SAAS
  4. PAAS

Answer: 2)IAAS

Quiz on Azure Networking Services

1._______________ is used to route the traffic between virtual machines inside your private virtual network.

  1. VPN Gateway
  2. Azure Internet facing Load Balancers
  3. Traffic Manager
  4. Azure Internal Load Balancers

Answer: 4)Azure Internal Load Balancers

2.ExpressRoute connections enable access to the _________.

  1. Microsoft Office 365 Services
  2. Microsoft Azure Services
  3. All the options
  4. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Answer: 3)All the options

3.A subnet is a range of IP addresses in a __________.

  1. VM role instance
  2. Cloud Service
  3. VNet
  4. DNS Server

Answer: 3)VNet

4.When should you use a static IP address?

  1. Within a Subnet
  2. DNS Server
  3. When you use ExpressRoute
  4. For VMs within a Vnet

Answer: 2)DNS Server

Quiz on Compute Services

1.You need to deploy a virtual machine on Azure with a low memory entry level requirement. Which virtual machine sizes should you consider choosing?

  1. Standard_D1-Standard_D14
  2. Standard_G1-Standard_G5
  3. Standard_A5- Standard_A7
  4. Basic_A0- Basic_A4

Answer: 4)Basic_A0- Basic_A4

2.The smallest recommended virtual machine size in Azure for a production environment is ____________.

  1. D1
  2. G1
  3. A1
  4. DS1
  5. A2

Answer: 3)A1

3.Azure supports both .vhd and .vhdx file formats for Virtual Machines.

  1. False
  2. True

Answer: 2)True

4.Most types of resources can be moved to a different resource group at _______.

  1. Only once
  2. Anytime
  3. 100 to 1000 times
  4. Never

Answer: 2)Anytime

Quiz on Azure Storage Services

1.Your Azure storage account is always replicated to ensure durability and high availability. By default, which of the following replications schemes is used?

  1. ZRS
  2. GRS
  3. RA-GRS
  4. LRS

Answer: 3)RA-GRS

2.In which type of Storage replication, data is not replicated across multiple datacenters?

  1. Geo-redundant storage (GRS)
  2. Read access geo-redundant storage (RA-GRS)
  3. Zone-redundant storage (ZRS)
  4. Locally redundant storage (LRS)

Answer: 4)Locally redundant storage (LRS)

3.Which type of storage offering uses SSDs and is intended for use with Virtual machines?

  1. Blob
  2. Standard
  3. Premium
  4. Basic

Answer: 3)Premium

4.You add a data disk to an Azure virtual machine. What drive type is created?

  1. SCSI
  2. IDE
  3. PATA
  4. SATA

Answer: 1)SCSI

Azure Essentials - Final Assessment

1.Azure Storage plays the same role in Azure that ______ plays in Amazon Web Services.

  1. EC3
  2. S3
  3. EC2

Answer: 2)S3

2.Which of the following option helps Azure maintain a high availability and fault tolerance when deploying and upgrading applications?

  1. Availability set
  2. Failover cluster
  3. Public IP address
  4. Scale set
  5. Replica set

Answer: 1)Availability set

3.What is the format of an Azure Resource Template?

  1. XML
  2. JSON
  3. YAML
  4. PowerShell

Answer: 2)JSON

4.Which of the following are a worldwide content caching and delivery system for Windows Azure blob content?

  1. CDN
  2. CND
  3. DNC
  4. None of the options

Answer: 1)CDN

5.Which Azure networking component is the core unit, from which administrators can have full control over IP address assignments, name resolution, security settings, and routing rules?

  1. Virtual Networks (VNets)
  2. Load Balancers
  3. Routing Tables
  4. Local Network

Answer: 1)Virtual Networks (VNets)

6.Azure is Microsoft’s ___________ as a Service Web hosting service.

  1. Software
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Platform
  4. All the options mentioned

Answer: 2)Infrastructure

7.What VM series should you consider if you want to host applications that require high-performance IO for persisted data?

  1. G-series
  2. A-series
  3. DS-series
  4. D-series

Answer: 3)DS-series

8.Which of the following Windows Server roles is not supported on Azure Virtual Machines?

  1. Application server
  2. Hyper-v
  3. Remote Access
  4. Windows server update server
  5. Webserver

Answer: 2)Hyper-v

9.A VM can have multiple associated IP addresses. Which of the following options are possible IP addresses associated with a VM?

  1. Static public IP
  2. Static private IP
  3. Dynamic private IP
  4. Public virtual IP
  5. All the options

Answer: 5)All the options

10.Microsoft Azure Active Directory can be integrated with on-premises Active Directory to allow single sign-on.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: 1)True

11.A subnet is a range of IP addresses in a __________.

  1. Cloud Service
  2. VNet
  3. DNS Server
  4. VM role instance

Answer: 2)VNet

12.SQL Azure is a cloud-based relational database service that relies on _________.

  1. SQL Server
  2. Oracle
  3. MySQL

Answer: 1)SQL Server

13.Which of the following web applications can be used with Azure?

  1. PHP
  2. All the options
  3. ASP.NET
  4. WCF

Answer: 2)All the options

14.The connection between storage and Microsoft’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) is stated to be at least _______ percent available.

  1. 99
  2. 99.9
  3. 95

Answer: 2)99.9

15.Geo Redundancy is to provide high availability in ________.

  1. Same regions
  2. Same zones
  3. Locally
  4. Geographically

Answer: 4)Geographically

16.Which of the following specific components are incorporated on HDInsight clusters?

  1. Hive
  2. All the options
  3. Spark
  4. Storm

Answer: 1)Hive

17.Which of the following is also called Compute?

  1. Set of virtual machine instances
  2. Set of commodity servers
  3. Set of replicas

Answer: 1)Set of virtual machine instances

18.Azure data is replicated ________ times for data protection and writes are checked for consistency.

  1. three
  2. six
  3. two

Answer: 1)three

19.What’s the maximum bandwidth provided by ExpressRoute?

  1. 80 Mbps
  2. 1 Gbps
  3. 200 Mbps
  4. 10 Gbps

Answer: 4)10 Gbps

20.Is it possible to create a custom Domain name, or use your organization's domain name, such as, in Azure Active Directory?

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: 1)True

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