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APIGEE - Analytics Services FP MCQs Answers

APIGEE - Analytics Services FP MCQs Answers
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APIGEE - Analytics Services FP MCQs Answers

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Course Path: Microservices/GATEWAYS/APIGEE - Analytics Services

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Apigee Analytics Introduction Quiz

1.The _________ attribute is used to limit the results.

  1. Range
  2. Dimensions
  3. Metrics
  4. Filter

Answer: 4)Filter

2.By default, the dashboards are maintained for ______ months.

  1. 12
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 6

Answer: 1)12

3.Apigee helps you to diagnose app performance by _____.

  1. device
  2. platform
  3. carrier
  4. All the options

Answer: 4)All the options

4.Which query parameter specifies the type of data?

  1. TimeRange
  2. All the options
  3. Metrics
  4. Function

Answer: 3)Metrics

5.Apigee’s analytics metrics help in ____ monitoring.

  1. Both the options
  2. Business
  3. Operations
  4. None of the options

Answer: 1)Both the options

6.By default, the custom is maintained for ______ months.

  1. 12
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 6

Answer: 1)Both the options

Apigee Dashboard Quiz

1.____ settings helps you in selecting the of dates for which to show data and the aggregation or granularity of that data.

  1. Aggregation
  2. Both the options
  3. Data range
  4. None of the Options

Answer: 2)Both the options

2.Using ________, you should be able to see the traffic pattern after and before the spike or drop.

  1. Investigate Graph
  2. Investigate Chart
  3. Investigate spike
  4. Investigate Anomalies

Answer: 4)Investigate Anomalies

3.The load generator acts as a _____.

  1. Client
  2. Simulator
  3. Trigger
  4. Host

Answer: 1)Client

4.runload.js also applies a ______ function, so that the number of calls it makes varies randomly around a specified number.

  1. Hybrid
  2. All the options
  3. Weighted random selection
  4. Gaussian

Answer: 4)Gaussian

5.In model.json, change the ____ property to the DNS name of Apigee edge organization.

  1. payload
  2. Host
  3. url
  4. address

Answer: 2)Host

6.You can hover over any part of the graph to get information about that particular data at that point.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: 1)True

7.__________ lets you choose which set of data you want to plot.

  1. Plot selector
  2. Data selector

Answer: 1)Plot selector

8.To import a proxy into Apigee Edge, use ______.

  1. Node.js App
  2. Reverse Proxy
  3. Proxy bundle
  4. SOAP service

Answer: 3)Proxy bundle

9.Apigee analytics allows you to export the data in _______ format.

  1. xsl
  2. All the options
  3. doc
  4. csv

Answer: 4)csv

10.The load generator is implemented as a nodejs program called _____.

  1. load.js
  2. loadGen.js
  3. runLoad.js
  4. generator.js

Answer: 3)runLoad.js

11.You can extract the returned access_token, insert it into the context, and then use that token in subsequent calls.

  1. False
  2. True

Answer: 2)True

12.Apigee chooses the client key and secret based on _____.

  1. All the options
  2. Weighted random selection
  3. Hybrid
  4. Gaussian

Answer: 2)Weighted random selection

Quiz on Apigee Dashboard Types

1._________ specifies whether the traffic is coming from a robot, a library, or a browser.

  1. Traffic by platform
  2. Traffic by category
  3. Traffic by agent
  4. All the options

Answer: 3)Traffic by agent

2.The rate of API calls hitting the cache vs. the total API traffic is called _____.

  1. All the options
  2. Cache Performance
  3. Target Performance
  4. Proxy Performance

Answer: 2)Cache Performance

3.Traffic patterns and processing time can be viewed in the ____ dashboard.

  1. All the options
  2. Target Performance
  3. Cache Performance
  4. Proxy Performance

Answer: 4)Proxy Performance

4.______ dashboard measures the contribution of your top apps, APIs, and products.

  1. Traffic composition
  2. Proxy Performance
  3. Cache Performance
  4. Target Performance

Answer: 1)Traffic composition

5.____ shows information like Highly Active Developers, Developers with Apps, and Total Developers.

  1. Engagement
  2. Analyze
  3. Active developers
  4. Examine

Answer: 1)Engagement

6.______ is calculated between the time a complete request is sent by Apigee to a backend target, and the response returned by the client app.

  1. Average error
  2. Proxy error
  3. Total error
  4. Target error

Answer: 4)Target error

7.The ____ dashboard is used to visualize traffic patterns and performance for API proxy backend targets.

  1. Developer Performance
  2. Proxy Performance
  3. Cache Performance
  4. Target Performance

Answer: 4)Target Performance

8.______ dashboard tracks error patterns, traffic patterns, and quality of service across various locations.

  1. Traffic composition
  2. Cache Performance
  3. Target Performance
  4. GeoMap dashboard

Answer: 4)GeoMap dashboard

9.The dashboard that appears once you login has _____.

  1. Developer engagement
  2. Proxy traffic
  3. All the options
  4. Developer Apps

Answer: 3)All the options

Apigee Analytics Service: Final Assessment

1.It is possible to fetch Analytics data using REST API.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: 1)True

2.____ will create a custom dimension that will be captured every time when that proxy is invoked.

  1. Statistics Collector policy
  2. Statistics Analysis policy
  3. Collector policy
  4. Analytics policy

Answer: 1)Statistics Collector policy

3.______ plot allows you to see the central tendency and dispersion of data.

  1. Dispersion box
  2. Tendency

Answer: 1)Dispersion box

4.Custom reports will reflect API calls immediately in the Edge portal.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: 2)False

5.Reports can be viewed in _____ format.

  1. PDF
  2. PNG
  3. All the options
  4. CSV

Answer: 3)All the options

6.The primary measure used for a report is called _____.

  1. Metric
  2. Dimension

Answer: 1)Metric

7.The ____ gives a high-level overview of your entire API.

  1. None of the options
  2. Dashboard
  3. Graph
  4. Chart

Answer: 2)Dashboard

8.A/An _____ is a method to specify what you exactly want to analyze in your API program.

  1. proxy report
  2. custom report
  3. analysis report
  4. API report

Answer: 2)custom report

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