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Fresco Play T-Factor New Update !!

Fresco Play T-Factor New Update !!
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 Fresco Play T-Factor New Update !!

Disclaimer: The main motive to provide this solution is to help and support those who are unable to do these courses due to facing some issue and having a little bit lack of knowledge. All of the material and information contained on this website is for knowledge and education purposes only.

Try to understand these solutions and solve your Hands-On problems. (Not encourage copy and paste these solutions)

Check out Fresco Play for change in T-Factor. It got increased/decreased or same.


Summary Points

1. Grants

Now T-Factor will increase by other things as well by earning Grants. You can earn grants from clearing

  • WINGS1
  • E3 & E4
  • RYC
  • MLT
  • WINGS2

2. Competency Recalibration

Basically now your T-Factor is not permanent. It will decrease after 6 month/1 year or when your competency expires.

You can check which competency is active(Active), getting expired(Moving to Low Demand), or already expired(Moving to No Demand).
To check goto Fresco Play->Profile->View Your Competency.

Below is the knome blogpost for T-Factor. Read for more details.

T-Factor’s 3rd Upgrade: Periodic Recalibration of Competency Library based on demand

By now, you must have understood that High Demand competencies are the currency of the modern workforce. However, did you know the demand for competency changes with time? Hence recalibrating the competency library becomes extremely important to ensure we are focusing on the skills that matter the most. In this blog, let’s learn about the 3rd upgrade to T-Factor.

If you have missed any of the earlier blogs in the series, we recommend you go through them first.

Blog#1: 3 Major Upgrades to T-Factor that you shouldn’t ignore
Blog#2: Competency Library expanded to include High-Demand Tech Skills
Blog#3: Leverage GRANTS to clear Milestone Challenges

How is Competency Recalibration performed?
Our technical experts review the Technology Competencies every quarter and mark each of the active competencies as High Demand, Low Demand, or No Demand. A lot of industry research by Specialists is being leveraged to determine Market Demand, and these changes would be made in line with the latest industry and technology trends alongside the prevailing demand.

How does this impact TCSers?
This will lead to the addition of new high-demand competencies, reduction of weightage for low-demand competencies, and phased retirement of no-demand competencies. You might notice a dip in your T-factor when your tech competencies move to low demand/no demand stages.

How will I know when my competency demand changes?
You will receive a system-generated notification at least 6 months before a competency expires, giving you sufficient time to upgrade your skills to maintain the T-Factor. Also, you can always check the status of your competencies by logging on to Fresco Play, My Profile page. Below is the snapshot for your reference.

How can I make sure that my T-Factor does not reduce?
Watch out for the notification and embrace a culture of continuous learning. Acquire skills that have a high demand to stay ahead of the curve and be ready for the future.

Regular Competency recalibration helps immensely by constantly realigning your skills to the evolution of Technologies in the ecosystem. By knowing your relevance to demand, you can make more accurate choices of learning, which constantly increases your competitiveness in the ecosystem.

Watch out for the 3 Major Upgrades to T-Factor coming your way on 11th August!

If you want answers to any of the fresco play courses feel free to ask in the comment section, we will surely help.

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